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Tips To Removing And Discarding Old Carpeting

After living in your home for some time you will start to notice that your carpet looks very dated of dirty. This is due to the fact that it is being used every day and under every shoe carries dirt, which is tracked from outside into your carpet. If you are thinking of replacing the carpet yourself, there will be a few tools that you will need to make your job easier. The very first tool you need is a pair of gloves to protect your hands from any dangerous splinters that might be trapped in the carpet.

You might also want to use a knife to cut the carpet into smaller pieces, before trying to remove them. Since the carpet is being held down by adhesive, trying to lift a large piece will prove to be harder. When you are able to see the underside of your carpet check to see if there are areas that have mold, if you do have a problem, you might want to invest in a mask to prevent you from breathing in anything nasty. Fans that are facing outwards will carry dust and any dormant chemicals away from your working area to the outside where it is safe.

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