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Removing Old Wallpaper The Easy Way

Removing old wall paper can be a huge pain and very time consuming unless you find a good method. Some cost more than others but they are all just as effective. Personally, I find the cheaper method to work best.

You will need to get a hold of a big squirt bottle, the bigger you can find, the better. Fill it up with water and find one of the corners where the wallpaper was first laid. Squirt out enough water to completely cover about a five foot section. Let it soak for about fifteen minutes and then re-apply the water, this time expanding your section.

Next you will want to grab a putty knife, the three inch blade should be good. Start at the corner and nudge the wallpaper up with your blade. When you get a good enough piece started you should be able to grasp it with your fingers and pull the strip away. IF the water saturated it enough, there should be no paper left on the wall.

When you are done with that section just wipe it off with a cloth to catch any of those smaller pieces and you should have a nice patch done.

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